Get Yammer Announcement Title using Microsoft Flow

While browsing the Microsoft Flow Power Users Community Boards, I ran into a post in which a user wants to create an item in a SharePoint Announcement list whenever a Yammer announcement is posted. The issue the user is facing is that the Title property of the Yammer announcements is not available in the Dynamic content list from the Yammer trigger in use. Since I’m not familiar with the Yammer properties available in Flow’s dynamic content, I decided to do some research by creating a Yammer group, a SharePoint Announcement list, and Flow to see which properties are available. As expected, the Yammer announcement title property is not available directly in the dynamic content list, but it is available in the trigger output, which means in can be used by implementing a Flow Expression. The screenshot below shows some of the properties available from Yammer, with two of them being particularly highlighted: “message_type” and “title”.

The steps outlined below provide instructions on how to get the Yammer Announcement Title property and how to create the item in the SharePoint Announcement list. Let’s get started.

  1. The first step is to create the Flow from blank. Click on Create from blank and type the Flow name. Once the Flow name is entered, search for the Yammer connector and select the trigger Yammer – When there is a new message in a group.
  2. Select the desired Group Id and Network Id from their respective dropdowns.
  3. For the next step, click on New step and then click on Add a condition. This will automatically add the If yes and If no steps.
  4. Click inside the Choose a value field to display the Dynamic content list for the parameter to evaluate and then select the Message List Message Type property. If it’s not visible, click on See more to expand the Yammer properties and then select it.
  5. In the Condition, the logical operator normally defaults to is equal to, but if it’s not, set it to that. And in the value to check, type announcement since that’s the message type we are looking for.
  6. If the condition returns true, click on Add an action inside the If yes step and then click on the SharePoint connector. This will display all the available SharePoint actions. Proceed to select the SharePoint – Create item actions.
  7. In the Create item step, select the Site Address and the List Name. Once the list name is selected, the available fields that accept value will be displayed. In the case of the classic SharePoint Announcements list, the available fields are Title, Body, and Expires. Right now, we will only work with Title and Body.
  8. Click inside the Title field to display the Dynamic content list and select the Expression tab. In there, type the following expression: triggerBody()[‘title’] and click OK.
  9. Once the Title field is set, click inside the Body field to again display the Dynamic content list. From there, click on See more and select the Message List Message Message Body Plain. This gives the body of the Yammer announcement in plain text format, but if needed, rich text and parsed text formats are available as well.
  10. Since I don’t need additional action in the event the condition returns false, I will save the Flow. However, if you require an action to occur if the condition returns false, you can build it in the If no

If you follow all the steps correctly, a new item will be created in the SharePoint Announcement list every time a new announcement is added in the respective Yammer group used in the Flow. Additionally, if you have any questions or have an idea for a Flow and need assistance, please do not hesitate to reach through Twitter or LinkedIn.

Thank you for reading.

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