Microsoft Flow Resources

The links on this list contains resources for Microsoft Flow. Since I see myself accessing many of these links constantly, I decided to roll them up in a central place so I don’t have to be searching all the time. Thanks to Sandy Ussia for the idea.

Microsoft Flow – This is the Microsoft Flow home page.

Microsoft Flow Community – This site provides access to News & Media, Flow Feedback for ideas, and Community Boards forums.

Workflow Definition Language schema for Azure Logic Apps – Microsoft Flow uses the Logic Apps functions when creating Flow Expressions.

OData Query Operations – Excellent resource when using a Filter Query in Microsoft Flow. The page contains a section with the supported OData query options.

Microsoft Flow Data Operations – An excellent walk-through to learn how to use data operations, such as compose, join, select, filter array, create a table, and parse JSON.

Limits and configuration in Microsoft Flow – This site provides useful information about the limits and configuration in Microsoft Flow.

Microsoft Time Zone Index Values – A collection of all the Microsoft Time Zone Index Values. Apart from the Index Value, the table also includes the name of the time zone and the respective time.

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